Definitive Well Sealing Services for the Upper Midwest

We Ensure Your Property is Safe

Is there a decommissioned, abandoned or otherwise unused water well somewhere on your property? These unused wells no longer serve any purpose except being a danger for children, hikers, hunters, livestock and wild animals.

A nonfunctioning water well also acts as a pathway for contaminants. Pesticides, fertilizer, agricultural runoff and other pollutants can all access your groundwater through a deserted well, potentially spoiling the drinking water at your home or place of business.

Mineral Service Plus specializes in creating new wells – but we are also highly skilled at permanently retiring old wells. Welcome our team to your property and we will put our experience to good use as we properly cap and seal any unused wells.

Our thorough approach to well sealing includes removing any equipment, screens, casings and liners which may interfere with the permanent placement of the sealing agent, as well as covering the well beneath its surface in addition to ground level. In this fashion we ensure your property is safe and guarded against groundwater contamination indefinitely.

Don’t let a terrible and altogether preventable tragedy happen on your land! The Mineral Service Plus team is available to make any old water well like it never existed in the first place.

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