The Upper Midwest’s Authority on Geothermal Energy

The Upper Midwest’s Authority on Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy, which is naturally produced within our planet’s core and radiates outward toward its surface, is reliable, cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is estimated that sufficient geothermal energy is available to supply all of humanity’s energy needs. All geothermal is yours, and it’s yours for the taking – you just need Mineral Service Plus at your side!

Mineral Service Plus is a licensed and bonded full-service provider of geothermal systems. Ideal for both heating and cooling applications, the geothermal systems we install, maintain and repair are suitable for residential, commercial, municipal and agricultural buildings alike.

If you wish to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels without sacrificing comfort or convenience, then our expert team is standing by to help you put the Earth’s free energy to good use.

Closed Loop Geothermal Systems (Horizontal and Vertical)

A closed loop geothermal system typically circulates a heat transfer fluid (such as food grade antifreeze) through pipes or coils buried beneath the land’s surface. In the wintertime that fluid collects heat from the earth and brings it upward; during summer, the fluid gathers heat from the building to deposit it deep underground.

Closed loop geothermal systems may be installed either horizontally or vertically (or alternatively in the bed of a body of water). A horizontal system requires relatively more land – commonly a 100′ to 300′ trench – while a vertical system requires several holes drilled deep enough to access geothermal loops or plates. With a better understanding of your property, budget and energy needs, our team will be able to recommend the better closed loop geothermal system for your property!

Is your home or commercial property situated near a body of water? Then a pond loop geothermal system may represent the most economical solution for your energy needs! This specialized system circulates fluid through a closed polyethylene piping system, with at least one pipe running beneath the water’s surface and at least one other extending deep underground.

A pond loop geothermal system has no adverse impact on the environment, but it can only achieve sufficient heat transfer if the nearby water level never drops below 6′ to 8′. We will be able to determine whether a pond loop is suitable for your property following an on-site inspection.

Pond Loop Geothermal Systems

Open Loop Geothermal Systems

An open loop geothermal system operates on the same principle as the closed loop alternative – it simply utilizes groundwater in place of a fabricated heat transfer fluid. Once the water has circulated through the system, it is discharged onto land or directly into a nearby body of water.

Permit Requirements

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requires a water appropriation permit if total water use from a supply well – including a geothermal system – exceeds 10,000 gallons daily or 1 million gallons annually. Water discharge from an open loop system may require a permit from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and another government agency. The Mineral Service Plus team will advise how to navigate the bureaucracy surrounding geothermal systems in the Midwest.

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