Underground Leak Detection, Water Line Maintenance and More!

Underground Leak Detection

Does it seem as though you aren’t getting enough water at your home or place of business? Have you noticed a sudden drop in water pressure, or that your well pump runs too frequently? Any of these inconveniences could indicate a much bigger problem: a leak in your well pump, or in the water line itself!

Geothermal leaks typically start out small, and they can remain elusive as they grow increasingly worse. But even a pinhole leak can wind up causing massive amounts of expensive damage – especially in the case of residential and commercial well systems.

Geothermal Leak Facts
  • Household leaks nationwide can waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water annually
  • Ten percent of households have leaks that waste at least 90 gallons of water daily
  • The majority of household geothermal leaks are easily correctable

A well pump which works harder as it compensates for a leak suffers a dramatically shortened lifespan, and the property damage resulting from a single unaddressed water leak can become nothing short of catastrophic.

Don’t leave a water leak alone until it proceeds to jeopardize your property. Contact Mineral Service Plus today!

Our locally owned business has served the Upper Midwest for all its water treatment, well drilling and pump service needs for over three decades, and our industry-leading leak detection methods are unparalleled. Once you’ve welcomed one of our water technicians to your home or business, they will get right to the bottom of your water issue and determine if a leak is indeed the culprit.

Whether a leak is in your well pump or your water line, our team will get straight to work making everything right again. And because we strive to minimize our impact on our clients’ properties – and never fix more than what needs fixing – Mineral Service Plus’s work always represents the most cost-effective leak solution on the market.

Did you know … according to the EPA, an average household’s leaks alone can waste more than 10,000 gallons of water every year? That’s the amount needed to wash 270 loads of laundry!

Mineral Service Plus offers a complete solution for water well drilling and sealing, as well as geothermal energy systems, water treatment and pump installation, repair and maintenance. We save our residential, commercial, municipal and agricultural clients considerable time and costs by consolidating so many of their needs within one service.

But because so much of our work revolves around water lines, our team is both qualified and equipped to repair them as well! You can depend on our expert team of plumbers and other skilled technicians to quickly locate the source of the problem. Once we have thoroughly evaluated the issue and determined the ideal course of action, we’ll get straight to work replacing any broken sections of water line, sealing leaking joints and unions, and performing any other repairs your water line requires to become fully operational once more.

We always treat our client’s property with the respect it deserves and minimize our impact on it, and strive to minimize our costs regardless of whether light repair or total replacement is warranted.

The Mineral Service Plus team additionally specializes in water line scrubbing. This service is necessary to remove any mineral deposits which accumulate inside a water line, as such blockages can severely restrict water flow and even produce noise. Water line scrubbing is often all it takes to prevent costly repairs and replacement!

Please contact Mineral Service Plus today for all your underground leak detection needs!


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